Depression lurves carbs and sugars.... Learn why, and how they can increase anxiety. Get ideas for replacing your usual comfort food with yummy snacks - of excellent nutritional value!  
No deprivation allowed here!


                                                                      LIFTING DEPRESSION



These are 9 week courses that meet weekly in small groups (six people) which give you a wealth of tools to deal with, move through, and get beyond depression, in a safe, confidential and supportive environment. Each meeting ends with a group hypnotic imagery journey on the topic of that week.  

Signs and symptoms of depression


  • sense of hopelessness

  • lack of energy, lethargy 

  • changes in weight or appetite

  • difficulty concentrating, difficulty making decisions

  • feeling restless or agitated

  • sleeping more than usual or not being able to sleep 

  • loss of interest or pleasure in previously enjoyable activities

  • feeling chronically sad or empty and flat

  • being angry at times you usually wouldn't 

  • physical aches and pains or digestive problems without clear cause

  • ongoing feelings of guilt

  • thoughts of death or suicide


Depression robs us of perspective and leaves us feeling lonely, misunderstood, exhausted and hopeless. 

If you no longer wish to be defined by depression but are ready to step out from under its dark cloud and live a life of joy and full expression that is our birthright, call or email me and have a free phone consultation. You can unblock the vitality and flow that lie beneath depression at the very core of our humanness. 




                                                                                                      Doctor's referral required

 If you are currently feeling depressed or hopeless, please find someone to talk to, whether a friend, a religious or spiritual person,                                                   a doctor, a nurse or a kind stranger on the Suicide Hotline 800.273.8255. Connect.