Why Hypnobirthing?


The goal of hypnobirthing is for you to have a calmer, more relaxed and comfortable birthing experience in which you feel more in control. Having no side effects makes hypnosis a good choice for mothers looking for a natural approach, and who would rather forgo medication during the process. If, however, you change your mind, or should a different way forward be suggested by your medical team as being safer for you and your baby - even as late as when you're actually in labor - you will be able to continue using hypnosis, and the tools and techniques you learned and practised, to support you and keep you calm through this different process as well.

When should I start my Hypnobirthing sessions?


As with most skills we learn, practice makes perfect. Hypnosis is no exception - the more time you have to practise (and when you practise at home you will be in hypnosis), the more competent you will feel when you put your skills into action.

You should start your hypnobirthing sessions somewhere between 25-30 weeks.


What will Hypnobirthing teach me?


First of all, you will be put into hypnosis, which is a very relaxed state of mind with very clear focus. We become more suggestible in this state, and you will learn to look forward to this truly amazing occasion of giving birth, rather than feeling apprehensive or fearful. Appropriate nerves - of course! Fear - no! In the hypnotic state you will learn how to stay relaxed and calm and you will use imagery to help the birth process and simple techniques to reduce your pain levels to manageable sensation


Some mothers hear horror stories of others' experiences, or read up on what could go wrong; many, in our culture, are taught that the experience will necessarily be unbearably painful. This can only increase fear and anxiety, which will have you hold your body tense and make the birthing process more difficult and more painful. 

You will receive an mp3 of the hypnosis for your practice at home.

The importance of a birthing partner


It is up to you whether or not you include your birthing partner, however, it is highly recommended. You will both experience hypnosis before the birth. Having your birthing partner with you means they can learn with you and be involved in the process. You will practice at home together and they will learn how to put you in hypnosis (for labor and childbirth only!) and support you during delivery. Together you can create a birth plan using everything you learn. 

Hypnobirthing benefits

Benefits of hypnobirthing include:

  • Higher chance of a shorter labour.

  • Reduced chance of surgical/medical intervention required.

  • Staying calm, relaxed and in control

  • Staying calm, relaxed and in control should things need to change

  • Higher chance of baby feeding and sleeping well.

  • Increased sense of bonding between mother, father and child.

  • Reduced recovery time for the mother.

  • Reduced perception of pain 

There is no right or wrong way to have your baby. If you’re pregnant, exploring all your options and learning more about the different approaches is a great first step to figuring out how you want your birth to go. Ultimately, we are all different, and it’s important to listen to yourself and what you want from your birthing experience.

But remember: childbirth can be an empowering and magical experience. 















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